Welcome to our page entitled `Be Inspired`.  

Have you ever felt inspired to create a work of art, including getting inspiration from famous artists, or just for the fun of it? Sometimes, hunting for ideas just leads you to a dead end. Don't worry, there are many different ideas that can spring to mind and to find out what they are just look around you; what is in your surroundings. Remember to start with something basically easy and just enjoy yourself.  

Try drawing from a photograph. Try looking at a photograph of something you like, and give it a go creating it on paper.

Are you fond of gardens, animals?  Choose something you want to explore.  

If you find yourself sitting there and your creativity dial is set to zero, don't get discouraged.  It is often said that a change of focus will help boost your creativity.  So, go and tidy up around the house, finish those little chores that have been niggling at you for a while.  This change of activity is the springboard for stimulating creativity by occupying the left-side of your brain with organizing and tidying around.  This frees up the right-side of your brain to daydream thus developing within you an incentive to draw and paint. 

We will, from time to time, be changing our library feature below with different publications to steer you on the right road to creativity. 

We are always interested in seeing new art, especially from local artists within our region of Weston Super Mare.  So come on, get inspired, we want to help you put together the right frame for your completed artwork and we may even display it in our gallery!

Good luck!