Original To Digital   

We were asked to do a digital make-over of an old and tired family photo taken around 1949. As can be seen on the image on the left, we have transformed this old photo to a black and white image on A4 size glossy photo paper.  

Old and cherished photos that are torn and stained with a sprinkling of unsightly marks are a hindrance to the memories captured long ago. Nestled beneath all the debris of time is a photo longing to come back to life.  Resuscitation is at hand at West Country Galleries Photography.  If you simply want to brighten some faded photographs we can restore and brighten them up so you can enjoy them and award them pride of place in your home.  

Restored photo has been further enhanced by a white and black double mount and a glossy black frame surround. 

Teddy Boys

Two treasured childhood teddies, an old school tie and a backdrop of nostalgia broadcast on an old paper bag. These old boys have been reunited in a bespoke box frame and the gnawing of time evident and preserved for many years to come. 

A framed original pastel by our online artist Favell-Bevan-Arti at West Country Galleries. 

Framed by: West Country Galleries Framing -  Plain Bevelled Wood Moulding with ivory mount surround. 

For The Record

We have just completed framing two treasured autographed LPs. 

Black frame with a white double aperture cut mount surround.

On The Move To Restoration

You move house and find that your treasured artwork has succumbed to the perils of transit.  No matter how much care and attention is awarded in the process of packing, it appears to be the added bugbear that some of your cherished possessions are bound to make acquaintance with some measure of calamity.  An instance such as this happened to one of our customers who recently contacted us to re-frame and mount a picture that has prominence in their family history.

Making a bespoke frame and mount is within the realms of my capability; but as for the marks on the painting, I approached my wife, who is an artist. Hilary possesses the technique of blending colours so that they correspond with the colour scheme of the image; thus the outcome is total camouflage of the area that was once spoilt.

Below, are photographs of the damage that was inflicted on the artwork.  On the left-hand image can be seen a scrape mark which took away some of the original paint. On the right-hand image can be seen quite a long scratch mark.

Below, is a photograph of the `restored` artwork complete with light wood frame and mount. 

Below are four Limited Edition water colour prints we have been asked to frame. There is one by artist Glyn Martin of St Ives. 

Below is a recent project just completed. 

Double box frame constructed from pine white veneer; housing an acrylic poppy of remembrance together with Certificate Of Authenticity. 

Below is a silver frame measuring 3ft x 2ft. Pale white mount called 'Alabaster' surrounding a colourpanoramic photograph.

Below is a poster of the Grand Canyon being re-framed to our customer's requirements.


We were recently asked to frame this Soldier`s Penny handed down through our customer`s family tree to commemorate his brave ancestor who fought in WWI

The Soldier`s Penny measures 4.3/4 inches (121mm) and weighs approximately 11.3/4 ounces (333 gms).  They were posted to the next of kin protected by a stout brown cardboard, purpose made folder, which was then put into a white HMSO envelope. 

These bronze death plaques like the one we have box framed (photo far left), were sent to next of kin of every commonwealth man or woman who lost their lives as a result of Great War Service. 

All Plaques were accompanied by a tribute from the King.  

See image on the left.

Gary Numan's Great Warbirds Air Display

A tribute to the men who flew the British and Allied aircraft of World War II. 

GREAT WARBIRDS AIR DISPLAY was filmed at the West Malling Air Show in 1983 and features Gary Numan interviewing various personalities from the air display scene. This film was made a year before Gary bought his own Harvard aeroplane and took up display flying himself

Black square frame with white mount - framed by West Country Galleries Framing

Record keeping at West Country Galleries Framing.

Our recent project for a surprise birthday present.  Our customer and recipient of this finished work is VERY pleased with the result. 

The record and album cover has been triple mounted in a square black wood grain frame. 

It`s All Taking Shape In Our Workshop

Below is a large black square frame with white and gold slips to mount a piece of brightly coloured art work which was produced on paper by the artist and then cut into these stunning geometrical shapes. These are commissioned works and we are proud to announce that both the artist and his client are impressed with the finished result. 

We are looking forward to framing further works by this artist. 

Black gloss frame with white mount surround. Old photo restoration by West Country Galleries Photography

Family Portraits In Miniature

Encased in these miniature frames are exquisite mini portraits of our customer`s family history. This is new to us and we have never seen anything like it before. They are original works and are the creation of our customer`s family ancestor.  

We are happy to announce our customer is delighted with the finished result and that these beautiful landmarks of family history have been handed pride of place in a bespoke frame  which awards them protection from the ravages of time. 

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new photography site 

It`s All Gone Nutty at West Country Galleries Framing!

Project to construct a natural wood box frame with internal mirrors to house the nut
The two images above show the construction and finished work for building a box frame to house this .......well......cheeky looking nut.... please pardon the jest. 

We are not joking when we tell you that it is referred to as a `bum nut`.....yes, that`s right.......and I am muffling a giggle as I let you all in on this!!

Here goes.......now for the educational side of things........this nut is known as `Coco De Mer` and means `coconut of the sea`. It is the largest seed in the plant kingdom and is....yes....oddly shaped, being the shape and size of a female`s disembodied buttocks on one side, and a female`s belly and thighs on the other side. 

European collectors paid great sums of money for these nuts.  They then proceeded to have the shells polished and often adorned with jewels before being mounted in private galleries.  These unusual shaped nuts have been crafted over nine years by mother nature!  

Art by Emo Raphiel Astoria 

We were recently approached to frame a Limited Edition Print by renowned artist Emo Raphiel Astoria. The images below feature the print framed by West Country Galleries. The artwork is a Giclee print on 250 gsm soft white paper and was created in 2015.  The print is in monochrome and marked Edition 14/25.  The artwork is called Eternal Soul.  The mount surrounding the print is of double aperture to house the quotes composed by the artist.

Below, you will see that Richard has been very busy creating bespoke frames and mounts for the artists who are showing their work as part of the Somerset Arts Week from 25th April to 7th May 2017. 

Art by Tilly Mullins.  Please click on this link to see her gallery page at West Country Galleries (our sister site)

As Good As New!

We were recently asked to repair this frame which surrounds the image of the Eiffel Tower.  It had sustained a fall and now we have a very happy customer!

We have framed the Queen!

A first for us at West Country Galleries to frame a card from The Queen to congratulate one of our customers on reaching their Diamond 60th Wedding Anniversary. 

The delivery of these messages is arranged by the Anniversaries Office at Buckingham Palace, continuing a tradition which goes back to 1917.

The frame below is a light coloured wood grain with double mount of lemon and light blue. 

The Queen's congratulatory messages consist of a card containing a personalised message and come in a special envelope.

The fabulous Swans of Wells posters, featuring the whole flock of 60 swans (below) which is an excellent momento of the popular Swans of Wells event.

The thick, glossy posters feature all 60 swans is printed on thick quality paper, measuring 70cm x 50cm. 

If you would like to know more about the Swans of Wells please click on this link

Perfect for framing and a standard size for picture frames.


Oriental Cloth picture with double mount and grain wood frame.


We have it mapped out at West Country Galleries!

We were recently approached to frame what is called a `Scratch Map`.  This is new to us because we have never heard of the term `Scratch Map` before. 

In case you are unfamiliar with the concept of the scratchable map, here`s a slice of information:  The Scratch Map allows you to log your travels by scratching off the top foil of the countries you have visited, revealing a colourful map underneath.  What you gain from revealing the countries you have visited is revealed in a beautiful, interactive and personalized map of the world. 

Please click on this link if you want to know more about Scratch Maps

The white shading that you see in the photograph are reflections only; caught by our camera lens.

Below shows a re-framed flower picture with white mount and gold moulding. 

Our New Spring Range 2017 of stunning artwork by top rated artists such as Adelene Fletcher, Anthony Waller and more at our sister site West Country Galleries Ltd

From the left artwork called `Pure` by artist called `Stork` dated February 1999.  The artwork is mounted in a white deep frame moulding

Below is a photograph with white mount and square white frame moulding

Below is and early railway picture framed in black square moulding with white mount.

This is a stunning print by the renowned artist Dick Twinney.  This print was purchased from our sister website www.westcountrygalleries.co.uk.  Our customer sent the print onto us for framing and here is the result. Mounted in light cream mount with oak gold edge moulding.  Dick Twinney`s gallery page at West Country Galleries.

Below is a Dismaland Picture (Banksy print) framed with Ivory Mount and black squate Matt Moulding

This beautifully crafted cross stitch is framed with a dark blue mount and silver stressed moulding with non- reflective glass.

Such time and dedication awarded to such a craft has been enhanced by the choice of mount and moulding chosen by its creator; this has lead us to appreciate the craft and dedication that goes in to every piece of needlework we have framed at West Country Galleries. 

Letting Slip at West Country Galleries

Below are photos of Richard carrying out the necessary preparations to put together a teak frame, slip and white mount surround.

Just Passing By

As promised, we have witnessed some more of the antics of the wandering geese taking their daily stroll around Ivy Farm Business Park premises in Banwell.   


`The Three Amigos` have obliged, yet again with poses for a further photo shoot. 
In the video above they are seen marching past our business unit.  You will see Richard in the doorway getting a glimpse of them strutting towards their feeding bowl. 

Family Ties

Busy times at West Country Galleries has awarded us with a varied and fascinating, if not profound collection of projects to complete. To prove our point, we have put together three individual photos as testament to this. Below, you will see an interesting trio connected to family occasions and family history. The image on the far right is associated with The Liberation of Norway 8th May 1945.

Goosey Goosey Wander

Goose stepping just outside our workshop were these super cute trio of geese. 

They are very cheeky, bold characters who fill their time wandering around the Business Park and visiting the nearby lake.  They also know when their owner is in the vicinity when feeding time is approaching. 

With the constant drip feed of negativity that greets us every day via the media, I find that among`st all this, a dose of humor dealt by the hand of Mother Nature is the balm that soothes.

They are real characters around the Business Park and we have been rewarded with a mini photo-shoot so we hope you enjoy looking at the images. 

We are looking forward to witnessing and photographing further antics by these wandering geese who will be adorning our blog page from time to time. 


It`s amazing how so much fascinating memorabilia seems to navigate its way towards the picture framer.  This is what we love at West Country Galleries and there is no better solution to preserve and archive a give-away from the past as something that took priority slot in the world of football.

Our customer informed us that this find was located during a rummage through their home and was begging for a frame!

We are not football buffs by any means, but if you would like to click on the following link, this website is sure to resolve those questions you may have about The Red Devils team.   

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These gorgeous ORIGINAL advertising posters are definitely the real thing!  Found whilst clearing old clutter, these posters sang out and have made history heard in the confines of an accommodating frame. So many treasures like these have surrendered to old age and decay but due to the diligence and tender care of their owner they have given us a peep into the past.

As the above poster is giving reference to the year 1894, we found below, an short article of life in Weston-Super-Mare at that time. 

An Urban District Council 1894 The Sands
Weston began the new century with an Urban District Council, set up in 1894 to replace the old Town Commissioners and Board of Health. Society was changing and people were much freer to enjoy themselves. New facilities to entertain the visitors included an indoor swimming baths and theatre on Knightstone and a library and museum in The Boulevard. On the beach the bathing  machines disappeared, since now mixed bathing was acceptable and entertainers were everywhere a crowd could gather.

Source of information: http://www.weston-super-mare.com/newhistory/newhistory.html

Finger Printed And Framed at West Country Galleries!

We really loved this idea! This is a wonderful alternative to the more traditional Wedding Guest Book. 

Once the celebrations are over there is an indelible reminder of the happy day in the form of a tree and then adding your fingerprints as `leaves`. 

We were really chuffed to frame and see such originality.  Now the celebrations have abated, this gem of a wedding gift will be a daily reminder of a very special day and the guests they shared it with. 

Pump Up The Volume With A Floating Frame.

Floating frames really make your canvas prints speak out!  Giving them a range in the key of Stand Out. 

This floating frame is giving the illusion of floating inside the frame itself without touching it, creating an interesting visual detail and a sense of three-dimensional depth in the overall display. The final result is awarded with the upgrade of a more exclusive look.

Artist: Nigel Gillings.  Want to know more about the artist, please see Facebook page below.

Sand Mosaic from overseas.

Mounted in a stressed silver gold blemish frame with white extra thick mount.

Framed by: West Country Galleries Ltd

We were delighted to receive this stunning Sand Mosaic to frame. Our customer had just purchased this piece whilst on vacation overseas.  

The frame embracing this mosaic is a superb choice by our customer. The complexity and handsome craftsmanship of this creation has been further enhanced with a subtle yet distinct classy feel.

Above, are some of the recent projects we have been asked to complete recently.  Please click on the images to know more about them. 

Jacki Barwell - Exhibition at the Old Town Quarry, Weston-Super-Mare.

It's all a bit puzzling at West Country Galleries!

Richard has gone to pieces! He wants your help to put him back together!

Jigsaw puzzles are mental aerobics for the brain - here's the science folks!

Art by Stella Dunkley at West Country Galleries

Stella's work can be found in private collections and businesses worldwide, completing commissions for collectors in the UK and Abroad. 

The subjects that inspire this talented artist are the sea and the natural world. Her vast enjoyment is in her relationship with mixed media, incorporating natural substances into the work, the colours, textures and patterns of nature are evident in her paintings and the ideas brought forth for her abstract work are born via inspiration through visualizing and creating colour and shape from thought and emotion......the defined lines of modern architecture, the diversity of different cultures seen on travels. 



Gosh!!... did we get a surprise the other day when a customer came in with a genuine signed autographed poster of Thomas The Tank Engine. Even more interesting, was getting locked in conversation with the customer and re-living those heady days of yore when the Beatles blitzed the media in a fashion never before witnessed by the media. Their individuality stands firm and will never permit us to see their like again! 

About Framing Time at West Country Galleries! 

We have recently been approached by a company called Agrii to frame their promotional photographs of their commercial vehicles which have now asserted wall space in their offices and reception area.  

The large canvas which is an original artwork depicting an oncoming vehicle, is to be placed in a floating frame. Photos of this completed project to follow on soon. 

We have completed another project for a box frame to house the WWI Centenary ceramic poppy which was part of the poppy field display in London and for which the Queen attended to convey her respects for the fallen. 

We are currently putting together a replacement mount and extending repairs to an old frame which is the housing for a timeworn original. Please click on this link to find out more about this artist......we can vouch for the fact that it rewards the prying mind with an interesting read. 




Photos of a cricket team placed in a split cream mount surround finished off with a black frame.  

Match Early 1970’s

Lympsham Cricket Club 


Chris Covill/Harold Parsons/Colin Millett

Steve Gamblin/Les Ford/Colin Tincknell 

Seated: Richard Harvey/Chris Farrant/

Jim Dover/Dave Prowton/Alan Smithers                   

                V                                                                            Winghurst Construction Ltd 

John Parsons/George Smith/Dennis Welchman/Tony James/Derek Patch Andy Sims/Gerry Gardener

 Bob Pitney/Tim Smith/John Thirkettle/Alan Wilton/Mike Rawles 

We Are Puzzled About Chocolate at West Country Galleries!

Jigsaw is secured with puzzle adhesive mounted in silver rounded moulding frame.

 This is a great way to save your puzzle for a lifetime.  Framing does many things for your puzzle........

  • It transforms your puzzle into one seamless piece!
  • It showcases your long hours of dedicated work!
  • It provides a topic of conversation for your visitors!
  • You have created a brand new and original piece of art which is now on show in your home!
Below, is a photo of the framed jigsaw puzzle.


Canvas Floater Frame - Title of  Original Canvas Art - `Autumn Introspection` - Mixed Media On Canvas - Dated: August 2009. Artist: K. Luciano

Canvas Floater Frame that surrounds the canvas artwork is: 2.1/8" Gold/Red Square Wooden Frame (Code:SM116) 
Canvas floater frames amplify the illusion the canvas placed in the frame is floating in the distinctive space within the frame.  We construct these frames usually for a gallery wrap canvas since the edge of the artwork or the canvas does not get covered, and displays the entirety of the canvas leaving nothing the the imagination.


Below is a photo of our latest project celebrating the renowned darts player Phil Taylor.  Our customer is thrilled with the result!

For a description of the box framed T-Shirt, please see below.
Black edged box frame with white border incorporating cut out section for a set of prestige darts along with a photo of the dart player Phil Taylor

"Desert Storm" - Jaquar GR1A XZ364`0` - RAF Jaguar Detachment - Bahrain

The Photograph below, shows one of the latest projects we have been asked to frame for a collector and enthusiast of aviation memorabilia. We have been asked to frame some more........so for all you lovers of aviation history we will, no doubt, be feasting your eyes with more stunners like this!  

If you would like to know more about this striking aircraft, you can log into The Royal Airforce Museum, by clicking on the image below- the link with take you straight to the relevant information/research page.

Our New Spring 2016 Collection is now available to purchase on our sister site West Country Galleries - You won't be disappointed!

New Spring Collection 2016 available at WCGalleries! Still expecting more new stock over the next week or so. Stay tuned...

Posted by Westcountry Galleries on Monday, February 15, 2016

We recently received a request to box frame a stunning Batik print (please click on photo on the left-hand side) to see the completed project. The white Box Frame incorporates the Batik print with remote operated battery light illuminating the sun.
The photo on the right-hand side, shows various old photos set in a white mount with black and gold edge moulding. 

Dismaland Is Framed By West Country Galleries!

We were recently asked to frame a souvenir poster of Dismaland and below is the result of the framed poster. The frame is a black bevel frame with a double mount. The three images before the photo (of the framed print), is to give you some idea of what Dismaland was like and the marketing campaign that gave rise to this dismal affair.  It certainly lived up to its name - and the logo advertising it as a `Bemusment Park` is very clever marketing/wording indeed!

Dismaland - Temporary Exhibition 21 August - 27 September 2015

High demand for tickets to the exhibition caused the Dismaland website to crash repeatedly. Was this a ploy deliberately contrived by Banksy as part of the irony of the Dismaland experience? 

The exhibition proved to be popular with visitors, with many prepared to queue for hours each day for one of the 500 daily walk-in-tickets.  It brought in 150,000 visitors from around the world, boosting the local economy of Weston-Super-Mare by £20m. 

Recently, we took delivery of a handsome framed print by renowned artist Adelene Fletcher.  The artwork is entitled `Symphony In White`.  It is rather a HUGE frame that met with a slight knock whilst in transit. Not to worry, the damage can be repaired and it won't belong before it will look as good as new!  We are happy to announce that it will be ready to take pride of place in our gallery verysoon.

Below, are just some of the stunning prints we were asked to frame for our customers.  Please click on the photo of your choice and scowl down to the bottom of the image to find the description of the frame and mount chosen to accompany each project. 

We love a challenge at West Country Galleries

Below is an image of an Ethnic Tapestry we were requested to frame.  Big project this one!.......but the results say it all........ and to add to the mix.....a very happy customer.

This exciting challenge came in the guise of a heavy woven cloth with a pallet of rich blended tones composed of browns.creams and black together with tinges of light to dark tones of silvery grey. This is truly a stunning piece of work.  Yes, we can hang these gorgeous works of art on the wall by itself for decoration or drape it over a chosen piece of furniture, but it turns up the volume of this piece that much more by introducing the adornment of a well constructed co-ordinating colour frame. 

New to our gallery in Banwell. Why not pop in and see us.  Our gallery is open every week-end from 10.00am until 4.00pm.



First image on the left-hand side of this virtual album is an original entitled "Broome School Local" - Oil on Canvas 126cm x 76cm by renowned artist: Shannon Hamilton

Our customer who bought this stunning original by artist Shannon Hamilton, has asked for a White Floating Box Frame to surround the canvas; so we will upload a new image of the completed project soon. The second image is a close up of the artist's signature.

The framed print on the right-hand side is of the late C.S. Lewis (1898-1963). The frame is a normal black frame with Silver Slip and a double box name plate below.

C.S. Lewis was a British novelist, poet, academic, broadcaster, lecturer with many more strings to his bow. Media coverage of his death was minimal, as he died on the same day that US President John F Kennedy was assassinated. In 2013, on the 50th anniversary of his death, he was honoured with a memorial in Poets' Corner in Westminster Abbey.

In one of the images, on the far right-hand side, we see Richard busy pricing new orders and doing the usual stock take which is better accommodated with our new reception desk which has awarded us more room to manoeuvre our computers and files.

Stunning canvas original by artist Shannon Hamilton, has now been surrounded by a White Floating Box Frame. As promised, we have uploaded the finished result. Our customer is thrilled!! 

What is a Floating Box Frame - or otherwise termed: Float Mounting?

Float-mounting means your art-work, photograph or memorabilia is suspended inside the picture frame. When a piece is `floated`, its raw edges are visible - as opposed to mounting, where the mount covers the edges with the crisp lines of the card - and when you look at it from any angle, there is no sign of anything which fixes it in position. Additionally, there is a void behind the image. 

Almost anything can be float-mounted. Certificates and other documents are a firm favourite for this type of presentation method. Water colours, too, look stunning suspended inside a frame. Art work created on heavy paper where rough edges of the piece can be just as much a feature as the art-work itself!

What kind of frame is suitable for floating art-work?

There are two ways of floating a piece. You can either float it so it’s right up against the glass (not true float-mounting), or you can choose a frame which has a lining – usually made of wood or high-density foam – that gives some much needed space between the art-work and the glass.

Although there is nothing technically wrong with mounting right up against the glass, there are a few reasons why leaving space is considered far more preferable. One is that having space gives an enhanced look, adding to the feeling that the piece is free and magically levitating inside the frame. Another is down to preserving the art-work in the long-term. Because glass gets hot and cold, and moisture can occur both on the outside and inside, leaving space ensures that the art-work doesn’t absorb it and get damaged.

Lastly, it would be a very bad idea for some pieces to be left up against the glass for prolonged periods of time (think glossy photographs and paintings). While it may be possible to salvage some pieces, most will be permanently damaged unless space is left between the glass.


What a Stunner!

Below, are two stunning framed works of art.  On the left, is a vivid spectacle of an oriental silk embroidery which goes hand in hand with a stunning adornment of a gold frame. On the right, we see a bull with an attitude .........with a trickle of menace intertwined with a dash of character and charm.  
We have a slot in the spotlight at `Western Mercury`

Steel Summit - Race Horse Profile

We were recently approached by the owner of `Steel Summit` to frame some really stunning photographs of this fine horse in action. We are pleased to announce that they are extremely pleased with the finished result. Here's some information about `Steel Summit`Age: 6 and a Bay Gelding.  Bred by: Craigsteel - B Greenhill (Gunner B). Trainer: David Dennis. Owner: Rose Farm Developments (UK) & Partner

Steel Summit has managed to win 8 races it its career so far.

Steel Summit  - wins at Wincanton 7th May 2015 - see below, footage of the win on U-tube. 


Below, are photographs of `Steel Summit` and, as you can see, Richard can be seen putting the frames together for our customer.

Our photo gallery below shows Richard busy putting together some frames for some very unusual Oriental silk based prints.  Handle with care is the main objective here - they are so fine!  Just finished putting a box frame together for The Northampton Rugby Club T-shirt.  Customer is thrilled with the result! 

Here's `Betsie` our dear old 1970 Morris Minor 1000 van. Parked at the entrance of our Business Unit in Banwell.

It's amazing how many people show interest in classic vehicles.  For instance, when we take deliveries from our suppliers, or the postman delivering mail and neighbours out gardening; as soon as their eyes pitch on `Betsie` they saunter over to our van like `bears to a honey pot`.  We love it to be honest, and `Betsie` is always ready to be admired. 

We found this lovely website dedicated to classic vehicles which, in its write-up, awards much merit to this vehicle and other classic beauties paraded on its pages. You see they `just don't make 'em like that anymore!`

Find us in `So Georgous` catalogue - May 2015

Boxed In at West Country Galleries

A busy time for us at West Country Galleries! We have been approached to create box frames for that treasured memorabilia. This is now becoming a very popular request by our valued customers.  We are still in the process of creating more box frames and will be updating our portfolio in due course. 

Creating the perfect Valentine -  From start to finish. 

Below is a project that we have just completed in time for Valentines Day.  We were approached by a customer who wanted to surprise her boyfriend with a Valentine gift. We are happy to report that our customer is `over the moon` with the finished result! 

Preparing the adhesive film ready to start placing together (with steady hand and sharp precision) two pages of the car image taken from a magazine. Then onto cutting the mount and creating the perfect frame.  

A very busy time for us at West Country Galleries - we have been meeting such lovely people who have brought in to our workshop  many treasured artefacts whether sentimental or souvenirs. One souvenir really stood out for us as we have been given an order to box frame one of the ceramic poppies from the Tower of London Memorial.  The individual poppies were sold to raise funds for the Armed Forces charities. When we have completed the box frame, we will be putting it on our website for you all to see. 

We have also been approached by well known artist Clare Hooper who has been keeping us busy creating frames for her canvas prints so they can be turned into boxed canvases for her gallery.  To see some of Clare's stunning work please log on to her gallery page at http://www.clarehooper.co.uk/default.html.

Below is the finished boxed canvas we have prepared for Clare; we already have a very large canvas (by Clare Hooper) to turn to next and we will also put this on our site as the artwork is really stunning!

Clare Hooper travelled to Europe and settled in Switzerland 1978-1979 teaching sport and choreography. In 1980, Clare was on a world trip promoting her artwork. After moving to the Italian coast in 1992, her art expression flourished and took on a different form - large expressive abstract paintings.

In 1997, Clare held her first exhibition in Dordrecht, Holland and then after two years teaching in Rome, opened her first gallery in San Felice Circeo in 1999. A second gallery opened in Porto Rotondo, Sardinia.  Numerous exhibitions followed in various parts of Europe.

October to December proved to be a very busy period for West Country Galleries.  We were asked to frame some stunning artwork together with exquisite embroidery completed by the owner herself!  We just had to put a picture of this embroidery complete with complimentary frame and mount for everyone to see. 

Further along the photo display above, you will also see a stunning piece of artwork brought in by a customer depicting a series of movements of a galloping horse. Our customer purchased this artwork whilst on holiday in Mexico.

This the magic of being a picture framer, you are given the opportunity of meeting, working with and interacting with many interesting people in the guise of creating the right frame and mount to echo the memories, and also to usher in enrichment of their chosen artwork. 

Above Middle Picture - This stunning framed and mounted original pastel depicts Sydney New Year's Eve annual multi-tiered fireworks event held every New Year's Eve over Sydney Harbour.  

Every year the event takes on a new theme and is regularly viewed by more than one million people at the harbour and one billion worldwide for the televised Midnight Fireworks.  In both 2010 and 2011 events, an audience of 1.5 million watched the display at the river bank and 1.1 billion are reported to have watched it globally. 

The  pen and ink drawing on the far right has been created by a local artist. We are delighted to have been chosen to frame this stunning piece for a forthcoming art exhibition. 

Football Club in the frame at West Country Galleries.  We are busy putting together two more box frames; so we will let you see the photos when they are finished.  

The first photo is of the box framed T-Shirt of Football Club - Nottingham Forest. Second photo is a close-up shot of the labels of authenticity. Third photo is a close-up shot of all the football team autographs; can you work out the signatures? 

It has been a busy couple of weeks for us and we have had some lovely framing requests (please click on images below). 

We are pleased to announce that we have now been given a mention on  the Ivy House sign post!  (please see photo below)

The first photo is a framed and mounted print by the late artist Beryl Cooke (picture taken from a calendar). In the next photo is Richard with a beautiful mounted print of a Kingfisher which he is currently in the process of framing.  In the next photo, is a completed framed Limited Edition print by renowned artist: Dick Twinney, which takes pride of place in our gallery.  The other photo is Richard holding a poster which is on the framing rota.  In the last photo, you will see this is an origami piece of a butterfly in which our customer has requested a box frame to surround this intricate piece of craftsmanship. 

As promised, below you can see the completed frames for both the origami butterfly, the kingfisher print and poster print. The photo on the far left, on the second line of photos, is a promotional photograph of the new Savilles truck. We are really pleased to have been commissioned by Savilles to frame this stunning image.  Our last photo (on the far right) is our very own framed poster which is attached to our Business Premises entrance door. 

Thank you for dropping by! 

A very busy couple of weeks here at West Country Galleries. We have been creating custom-made frames for our valued customers together with the arrival of new customers too!  

On the right-hand side of  the gallery page below, is a framed print together with photos of the plans before framing.  The title of the print is "Time Stands Still". To know more about this fascinating place, please click on the following link. 

Please take a look at some of the orders that have been framed by us.  Please glide your cursor over the images to see the story behind them all.  The bottom two images were taken at The Camp, Gloucestershire. We have included a small article about this village which makes for some interesting reading for lovers of archaeology and history.   

The Camp is a hamlet in the south of Gloucestershire, approximately 10 miles south of Cheltenham and 5 miles north-east of Stroud. It is in the parish of Miserden, a village about 2 miles east of The Camp.

The village clusters around two roads: Calf Way and Honeycombe Road. Calf Way is thought to be a Roman road, presumably named for the cattle driven along it. Honeycombe Road leads to Honeycombe Farm, and then on to Miserden.

How the village came to be known as The Camp is a matter of debate. Some sources claim that it is related to Neolithic camps – and there are the remains of Neolithic burial chambers close to the village. Others claim that it was a Civil War encampment. In either case, at some point before 1767, the village was known as Hazlehouse-Yate.[2] Hazle House is a large house close to the village; "yate" means gate.

One of Neolithic barrows was opened in around 1720, and contained the skulls and skeletons of eight bodies.[3] Another barrow was opened a few years later – this one contained human bones and an urn, and was assumed to be Roman (the village is not far from Ermin Street, one of the great Roman roads).

Over the years, there have been a number of businesses in the village, some serving locals, and others finding customers further afield: the New Inn was the village pub until the 20th century; the village had a bakery; a quarry supplied roof tiles to the region; there were a number of farms; a motorbike garage servicing classic bikes; and there is still a thriving riding school.

The Camp currently has around 25 houses … of which 10 had been built by 1779.