Portrait of Scarlett Rose by our resident artist: Samuel R Robinson


   Samuel R Robinson

     About the artist  

    Tutored  by Miss Dorothy King  RBA in the 1960s          

(RBA – Royal Society of British Artists )


 Sam has been painting portraits for over twenty five years, sensitively capturing not only the likeness but more      importantly the personality of the model using pastels, oils, acrylics or pencil.  

     1996 received A level in Art and Design at Weston College    

Entered many local exhibitions over the years and received commendations for his art and on two occasions been awarded the Nan Dickie Cup for best painting.


 Available for portrait demonstrations/workshop  

The above biography of the artist is available for you to downland and print if required. Please click on PDF link below.
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This gorgeous portrait above is a print of an original of the artist's granddaughter Scarlett Rose......adorable....yes!   Just think, you could own something just as magical as this portrait of your own child or grandchild.  

Whether you intend to commission a portrait of yourself, a member of your family or a friend,  we will mediate with the artist and arrange all of the finer details.  

Once you have decided to commission a portrait, you will need to make a list of your criteria. 

  • Describe what you want - your vision, in other words what size you want the piece to be, where it will be taking pride of place in your home.
  • What your budget is and your timescale
  • We will arrange a meeting with the artist at our Workshop/Studio and maintain a three-way relationship between you, your artist and us, through every step of the way until you are the proud owner of a piece of treasured artwork, special to you, a treasured emblem of preserved memories for always.
  • The artist prefers professional photos as reference to work from.

If you have any questions about commissioning a piece of work, or you already have an idea in mind, please contact us at: or 01934-823374 and we can make it happen for you.

Figurative (Family) portraits by the artist

Sam's attention to detail and technical ability are well pronounced in these family portraits - especially when you compare the finished artwork to the photographs. 

`Portrait of Scarlett Rose` is painted in oils and the portrait of `Cody and Granddad` is painted in acrylics.

In the third picture along, Scarlett Rose is now a little bit older (two years of age).  The artist's approach in this composition is to add a more traditional atmosphere which, we think, has embedded itself completely; thus rendering an excellent finish to this lovely portrait. 

Animal portraits by the artist

Portrait of boxer dog is painted in oils. The other two portraits, which are the horses and collie dog, are completed in pastel.

Figurative portraits by the artist

Portraits of Norman Wisdom and Rowan Atkinson are completed in acrylics.  Portrait of the Queen is completed in pencil.

The portrait of Jo Brand (see below)is an impressionist painting in acrylics using three colours.  This artwork was created when the artist conducted a demonstration and workshop for a local art club.

Current Price List below:  

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Please Note: It is our policy at West Country Galleries Ltd, that the artist requires a percentage of the full fee in advance. The total sum of the deposit is to be agreed between the artist and the client.  The agreed deposit is non-refundable. Please be advised that should the client decide to back out at any point before the work is complete, it should be understood that the artist has invested his time, labour and materials and therefore this will act as compensation for the cost involved when producing the commissioned artwork.

Looking After Your Treasured Artwork

Always think carefully about where you hang your new artwork.  Keep it away from direct sunlight or powerful spotlights; keep out of damp or humid rooms for instance a bathroom.  Never hang it above a radiator as the heat may cause damage as well. 

Try rehanging your art collection every six months or so, this will provide a fresh look to your collection of paintings; this also helps to minimise light damage too.