Art byCath Ward -  Thought you might like to see some of the gorgeous prints and framed prints that will be available to purchase from our gallery very soon. We just couldn't wait to tell you!


At West Country Galleries Framing, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new gallery area within our business premises in Banwell.  We are now stocking framed prints and canvas prints by the country's leading artists such as Adelene Fletcher, Anthony Waller, Sabrina Roscino and Ulyana Hammond; and more will be adorning our walls in the near future.  We are currently putting together our gift shop area within the gallery where you will be able to purchase British crafts created solely by West Country Galleries. 

All our advise and quotes are freely given and we look forward to welcoming you to the gallery. 

We recently took delivery of a very large framed print from our supplier which is classed as `Damaged Stock`.  The term meaning slight damage that can be repaired by a reputable stockist like West Country Galleries.  The image on the left is how the framed print looks and is sold to our customers.  We were lucky to receive the last of the batch as this beautiful eye-candy of a framed print has now been `discontinued` by our supplier and is no longer available to purchase on our site at West Country Galleries  

The photo on the right shows Richard unpacking the damaged artwork and closely inspecting the site of damage which is located in the joining part of the left-side and top part of the frame which had sustained a knock in transit thus contributing to the said damage. Richard is busy making the necessary repairs  and we are happy to announce that all is well and this stunning artwork will be available to purchase in our gallery in Banwell very soon - so watch this space!

 `Symphony In White` - BGF030 - Framed print. Artist: Adelene Fletcher. 

Size: H 98cm x W 140cm x D 8cm (H 38.6in x W 55.1in x D 3.1in) Weight: 4kg

Here are some examples of the artwork we have available in our gallery.

In our gallery, you will also find artworks by top British selling artists such as:

  • Anthony Waller
  • Natalie Taylor
  • Ulyana Hammond
  • Jayne Ward
  • Sabrina Roscino
  • Cath Ward
  • and more!