Forever Keepsakes

Below is a recent order we completed for a very happy customer.

Family Handprint Frames - so precious!  Why not put your foot in it and create your own Family Footprint for framing!

For an art project keepsake, why not create handprint art that will capture your child's small handprint for a moment in time.   Even babies can participate in this project too.  In a few short years from now, it will seem like a miracle that your baby's/child's hands were so beautifully small.

Children seem to grow so quickly nowadays so why not memorialise the size they are now with a one-of-a-kind handprint display. Whether the occasion is Father's Day, Mother's Day, family birthday, Christmas or just because.  Whether you hang it in your living room or kitchen, it will be a daily reminder of the importance of family.

How to create your painted prints - using Poster Paints

Get a blank canvas, non-toxic paint in a Variety of colours and plenty of paper towels for clean-up. Have each family member paint their palms and put them on the canvas to create their unique handprint. Add your family name or an inspirational quote along the bottom. Or you can paint the canvas with a bold color and Use white or black paint for the handprints. Line up the hands from largest to smallest, or arrange them in a random pattern across the page. For younger children, you may need to place their hands onto the right spot on the canvas yourself to avoid mess-ups.

How to create your own Family Tree - using Poster Paints

To create a family handprint tree, paint a brown trunk onto the canvas, and have Each person Use green paint to make handprints that 'look like the foliage of a tree. For a more colorful look, make an autumn tree using gold, red and orange handprints. Depending on the size of your family, you may choose to make prints of Both hands or just one Each. Alternatively, make a row of trees by having Each person make a brown handprint to form the trunk of a tree and using colorful Fingerprints to create the Appearance of leaves. 

Why not try a Collage of Hands 

For a handprint collage, water each person's hand onto scrapbooking paper of different colours and patterns and cut them out. Experiment with different arrangements before you glue them to your paper. You could stack them on top of each other in order of size, starting with the largest handprint on the bottom. Or arrange them in a circle, slightly overlapping to create a flower and draw in a stem. Once your collage is dry, place it in a frame and you have a gift at the ready.